Exposed: Ross Spirou & Steve Edwards - OPEN DAY
3:00 PM15:00

Exposed: Ross Spirou & Steve Edwards - OPEN DAY

Photographer Ross Spirou and New Media Artist Steve Edwards get to expose themselves (or their art anyway) for Midsumma 2016. 

The exhibition will run for over 3 weeks, kicking off with the open day where the whole community is welcome to come and check it all out.

Artworks will be for sale unless otherwise noted.

Presented by The Laird and Midsumma

Open Day: Saturday 16th January 3pm-6pm.
Gender inclusive. 18+ only.

For more info on the Men on Men Art Competition, go to

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ArtBoy vs FanBoy Star Wars Exhibit
to Dec 9

ArtBoy vs FanBoy Star Wars Exhibit

Opening Night: Friday 27th Nov 6 - 8:30pm -

Artboy smuggled plans to over 40 artists to create artwork inspired by the world's most famous Sci Fi fantasy movies and at last we can reveal it all to you.

Mark Bernard / J-F Tranquille / Matthew Dunn / Pocket / Enixy / Striffle / Lukas Stobie / Daniel Burns / Luv [Sic] / Jules Briones / Mick Lambrou / Jedi Master Jay / Steve Edwards / Steffy MJ / Zouran / Todd Smith / Barnzy / Mark Sheard / MOMOT / Ginza Initiative / Richard Bailey / Adele K. Thomas / Dan Lynch / vInk / Rabbit Town / Rob MacFarlane / Jacky Wu / Jimmy Twin / Daz Tibbles / Davey Blueboy / Paul Davies / Andy Zile / Simon Wright / Chris Kennett + more

So dress up as your favourite Star Wars character, swindle yourself a speeder bike, steal an Imperial Shuttle or smuggle yourself onboard the fastest hunk of junk in the galaxy and come celebrate an exhibition created by some of the greatest artists in the galaxy!!

The is an free event and everybody is welcome including Rebel scum, fuzzballs, slimy double-crossing no-good swindlers, Gungans, Goldenrods, stuck-up half-witted scruffy-looking nerf hurders, laser brains, flyboys & malfunctioning little twerps!

Steve has 6 Limited Edition prints in this exhibition. 

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